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Jinx: The Wizard's Apprentice - Sage Blackwood Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received an ARC from TBD Affiliates. Thank you very much!I don’t read a lot of Middle Grade but every time I do, the books I read manage to take me by surprise and Jinx is one of them. It’s very well-written and manages to be thought-provoking and highly imaginative. Simple enough to engage its targeted audience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.Jinx is a curious boy who likes to explore and is a keen learner, his relationship with Simon is one of that of an apprentice and Simon is quite an oddball. He keeps to himself, he doesn’t tell Jinx much and never says please. But through all of this, you could see the affection Simon had for Jinx even though he didn’t actively show it. Jinx’s ability to see a cloud of a person’s thoughts and the colours of the cloud changing to correspond with the person’s feelings was peculiar.A lot of interesting characters were introduced and that was done very well because even with a myriad of characters, they were still all quite memorable. Wizards and witches, trolls and kingdoms – Jinx featured a diverse set of magical characters and it was a shame that this was a standalone because I really would love to know more about the Urwald and Samara and all the other different lands.I really liked how the story was told, it did give off that fantasy and the narrator kind of style to it. What surprised me the most was how Jinx managed to include a lot of thought-provoking lines, Sage Blackwood is able to tell Jinx’s story and write about magic in her story very well. Although a lot of it was not fully written out but what was included, Blackwood was able to carefully map out what was unique in her book. So I didn’t mind that it wasn’t as fully developed as most fantasy novels but what she did do, she made sure it was written well without loop holes.In a way I didn’t feel like this was written for MG because some areas were slightly mature for them? But I’m not too sure myself because I don’t really know what 9 year olds are reading nowadays and it’s hard to remember how I was when I was 9 years old and how I thought. Ideally, it is not for YA readers because it doesn’t really go into depth and is quite light for a fantasy novel but definitely for MG readers, I think they’ll really like this and it might kickstart their love for fantasy.