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Burned (Pretty Little Liars, #12) - Sara Shepard Being a fan of the TV Show, I started following the books a while back and was a little disappointed that the author had decided to restart the series when the TV show aired and began to gain a lot of attention because it seemed as if she was writing it because of the hype about it. But nonetheless, her books are interesting and often keep me on my toes constantly guessing who could be 'A' and looking out for clues whilst I'm reading.I had actually thought Burned was going to be the last book in the series but boy was I wrong. Burned started off the way we left off in the last book and the girls are now going on a cruise with what they did to Tabitha still burnt in their minds. Also uncovered is something Hannah did to a girl called Madison and it comes to light that A knows about this too. Along the cruise, they meet new people and uncover new secrets and connections, with A still on their toes, threatening to expose their secrets to the world.Burned goes through the same cycle as a typical PLL novel where the liars meet new people and they suspect one person could be A but in the end discover that this person is not A. It has the roundabout consistency that takes you around one circle and then you realise that you are back to where you started. It is quite underwhelming when you get to the end because you expect something more about A to be uncovered but nothing is and you still have to read the next book in hopes of trying to find out who A is. It is getting tiring and I think the series should retire because we've gotten as much as we can from this series.I'll still read the next book because I do want to find out who A is but honestly, you could skip the books in between and skip straight to the last book. The books in between are mainly just filler.More reviews at Gypsy Reviews