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The Nightmare Affair

The Nightmare Affair - Mindee Arnett Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received an eARC from Tor Teen via NetGalley. Thank you.I did not know what to expect when I started reading The Nightmare Affair but immediately, it drew me in with the first chapter. It was straight-forward, to the point and each chapter kept on adding more and more to the story that kept you interested and hooked onto it. I really loved the story and how everything was set up, it was executed quite well. I was surprised by the ending because I had suspected which characters were going to turn out to be in cahoots with the villain but never did I expect it when they revealed who the killer really was! I liked the ending too because even though it was obvious which couple was going to end up together, Arnett didn’t push for them immediately getting together and becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. She left it open and of course we can imagine that they do end up together but there needs to be that development between them to get to that point, a lot of books rush that and squeeze it into the last few pages which makes it seem unrealistic. So it was a pleasant change from other books and it gives a bit of what we can expect in the sequel.I was a bit deterred, in the beginning, when Dusty described Eli as ‘perfect’ with his abs, muscles etc. It’s become too stereotypical for authors to write the love interests as ‘flawless’ and ‘beautiful’, it seems like lazy writing because instead of listing down their features, they just write those few adjectives or even give them flaws to make it more realistic. It would be nice one day to see a YA book where the love interests have physical flaws and the attraction isn’t first based on their looks. That’s just my pet peeve though haha.The characters were a bit too stereotypical as well. Selene, who became one of my favourite characters in the book, is a siren who objects to how sirens are perceived as sex symbols in their world but it just seemed to cliched for Selene to be friends with Dusty who is a bit of an outcast because Selene is challenging what is considered the norm so she is a bit of an outcast too. Plus Dusty is disliked by Katarina, another siren who is ‘beautiful’ and teased by Lance, who is one of the most popular kids in the school. It just seems too typical nowadays to have these characters nowadays in books. But I’m glad that towards the middle, these characters became a bit more developed and more three dimensional. Though there is definitely more room for these characters to be become more refined and have their own background and stories. So I hope to see more of that in the sequel.In overall, The Nightmare Affair was a satisfying read with an interesting story and I loved the history behind the magical creatures and such. It seems like a promising start to a good series. Definitely worth a read if you’re looking for a light paranormal Harry Potter-Percy Jackson-ish book and I would reread if I ever get my hands on a hard copy.------------------------------Really enjoyed it though some parts with continuation and character development deterred me from fully enjoying the book. The story was great though. Full review to come March 2013.