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Of Poseidon - Anna Banks 3.5/5Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsOf Poseidon immediately starts with Emma bumping (pun intended haha) into Galen and we begin to find out their meeting was not accidental at all. Galen has been tracking down Emma and suspects that she is of Poseidon descendant and one who could possibly save all of the Syrena. However, convincing Emma she is a Syrena is harder than Galen thinks and it doesn’t help that he’s starting to fall for her a little despite the fact that she would have to mate his older brother, Grom, to ensure the survival of the Gift of Generals.Giving this book a rating was a tough decision to make because I liked it but I also didn’t like it. I felt the writing was choppy and there was a lack of continuation in some areas where they had a suspicion and then the next minute they completely forget about it and come up with another suspicion without even crossing off that first suspicion. It just didn’t feel very polished, like it wasn’t edited and proofread enough. Also, I didn’t like the way there were always these inner questions, for example “If something is this, then why is this that/something must be that?”. There were just too many and in a way it could be the author’s way of laying out all the details so the readers understands everything but in this case it was highly unnecessary. Of Poseidon’s plot was very predictable and I actually figured it all out in the beginning so I didn’t feel like there was a need for the characters to keep questioning these suspicions and details, to me it was excessive.I liked Emma enough, the change we see in her is quite sudden though. I wish we had gotten some development for that because it seemed pretty abrupt. I was still adjusting to sweet tempered Emma and then BAM! we get headstrong and fearless Emma. Galen actually seemed kind of stalkerish and obsessive but I guess it was really all due to his determination to save his kind. You can see how much family means to Galen here and the means he is willing to take to do what is right. However, Galen was beginning to be a bit possessive about Emma as we got further into the book but other than that, I enjoyed their romance. Most of the book actually consists of their playful, flirtatious banter and I really liked that so it’s good seeing a romance written well. Rayna, Galen’s sister, seemed quite obnoxious at first until you see the situation she is put in. Toraf, Galen’s best friend and mate to Rayna, really grew on me especially during that scene, oh boy that was just golden.The plot was too predictable, I could see it coming right in the beginning and it just mainly consists of suspicions about Emma’s heritage and how is she a Syrena. I really wanted to get to know more about the Syrena and the people and society in there, I guess there is the potential to explore that in the sequel so here’s hoping. We got to know a lot about the history of the Syrena but seeing how they live and how their world works would be nice too.I enjoyed Of Poseidon enough but wasn’t a big fan of the writing. The romance is good and Emma and Galen have real chemistry. It’s worth a read I say. I’m in a sticky situation because I want to check out the sequel when it comes out but I don’t know if I’m willing to purchase it or wait 2 months after it’s released for it to come out in libraries here (libraries here are notoriously slow when putting out new releases) and if I do buy the sequel, I will need Of Poseidon to complete the series (because I am just that anal haha). I just don’t know how willing I am to get it so I’m on the fence right now, I guess I’ll have to make that decision come May. I really wish I got approved on NetGalley for the ARC of Of Triton Ah well!