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Transparent - Natalie Whipple Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received an eARC from HarperTeen via Edelweiss. Thank you!Pitched as a mix-up of X-Men and The Godfather, I was pretty underwhelmed by Transparent. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. The MC annoyed me with her childish, immature and overreactive personality. The writing wasn’t the best, some areas did bug me quite a bit and the story was in overall okay. It was the secondary characters and values behind family that really drew me in. Transparent proved to be a decent debut novel which could have been something so much more.You would expect Fiona to be tough, used to a life of crime, able to defend herself and be used to the harsh reality of life but she is far from it. Fiona was immature, whiny, overreactive and she was childish. There were people at her new school who genuinely wanted to be her friends and she just shunned them and ignored them and was pretty insensitive. Her mother is trying to protect her and give her a shot at a life she never had but Fiona never trusts and believes her. She overreacted and completely overanalysed the situation when a guy confessed he liked her and had tried to spend time with her as his brother helped him ask her instead since he knew she wouldn’t want to come if it was him asking her out. If Whipple was trying to make Fiona seem detached and afraid of commitments because of her life and connections to her father’s syndicate, she didn’t do a good job of making it convincing enough.I adored the secondary characters, they were such a family and bonded together. They had some great family values there and this was where it made the book seem more like a contemporary novel. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because it kept the book very grounded and more interesting. It delved in deeper into the plot and provided another side of a family who was affected by Radiasure but didn’t venture into crime. It was heartwarming to see family and friends who truly cared about each so much they were like one big extended family and how willing they were to take in new people. In the romance department, I liked Seth, he’s a geek, knows his responsibilities and incredibly sweet underneath, though he was a bit of a jerk in the beginning but it made sense when he said it was because he liked Fiona he didn’t really know how to react to that. This, on the other hand, was executed well enough to be convincing and not make me want to hate the character.The writing was well, it was choppy and it definitely contributed to making Fiona sound more childish. I admit it did sound more of a MG novel the way it was written though the content definitely wouldn’t be MG. One aspect that really bugged me was how accepting Fiona was of her father’s power because he can attract women and manipulate them to do whatever he wants. Fiona was basically going “What can you do? That’s just his power, he wants us to do his bidding, we can’t stop it.” It might just be me overanalysing that bit but it seemed pretty sexist to me. It just really bugged me and gave me an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. It shouldn’t be okay at all that she is so accepting of it and how it isn’t presented as an issue to her.Plot was mostly predictable, nothing really jumped out and surprised me which was a little sad because there could have been a lot more happening. The world building wasn’t much either, just a bit of mention about the history of the Radiasure pills. Would have loved to find out more about the effects of Radiasure in the present day and how it goes beyond crime syndicates and stuff like that.Transparent was a decent read, nothing too boring though nothing that interesting. I definitely expected more action than following Fiona’s to school. An underwhelming read particularly regarding the MC because she was nothing I expected and not in a good way. If you want to check this out, be warned this is more of a light fluff read that is bordering contemporary and less paranormal so don’t expect anything too big. Not necessarily a bad thing but with a synopsis like that, I was expecting something more serious and action-packed.