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True: An Elixir Novel

True - Hilary Duff Originally published at Gypsy ReviewsDear True,You know why I picked you up? You know the only reason why I would have opened you up? The name – Hilary Duff. Yes, my childhood idol. I can shamelessly say I adored her Metamorphosis album and Lizzie McGuire was made of so much awesome your favourites couldn’t even. Back when I was a naive reader, I picked up Elixir and Devoted and found them decent enough but once I pick you up, YIKES. It was an explosion of nopes, what, rolling eyes and are you serious?Clea Clea Clea, oh Clea Clea Clea. No matter how much you love Sage, you had to admit to yourself that it was getting out of hand. Plus the convenience of unlimited money, resources and oh look! The absence of your mother and we never even found out what really happened to your father. I saw you taking care of Sage a lot and uh, not much after that. Yup. Very flat, one-dimensional and I’m sorry girl but you got boring really fast. I don’t really know what to say about you either Sage. No telling us what was going on with you even with your blank-outs and fits of violence, we knew you were having issues with the whole being in Nico’s body but come on, we didn’t get much.Uhm Rayna, okay. Well I can’t really wrap my head about how you wanted to get married so soon and figured out Nico was going to be your one true love. Storming off, acting all childish. Wait, how old did you say you were again? I must admit though you redeemed yourself at the end so I like you a bit better than Clea who didn’t really do anything. Well I don’t think anyone really did anything apart from Ben who did the usual research and contributed to making the plot move and progress.The plot was boring, what can I say? We get Clea monologuing a lot and trying to restrain Sage from going mad for a good half of the book then we get some development going and la dee la da we find out more about how to save Sage. Someone old pops up and gives a hint, then some pulling of strings and to a ritual and BAM! PLOT TWIST and then The End. I admit, if it weren’t for the large fonts, I might not have read you so fast.Can I just talk about the PLOT TWIST. Right at the last ten pages and you would never see it coming. But True, seriously? You just spring that on us without any explanation at all? What was going on? I could have done without that and been okay with the inevitable Happily Ever After that was going to come. I feel so cheated okay, we had an agreement True, Happily Ever Afters only! How could you break it, how could you!I don’t really know how to feel about the writing, there were quite a few words I had never seen before and my eyes bug out at new words because I am such a nerd. I love new and complicated words. But the writing was so simple and then these big words get thrown in. It’s so confusing and ruined the entire flow. Don’t try to change, True, okay? You were okay with the way you are, you don’t have to try and be a cool kid by adding in big words. Leave that to the big boys.I didn’t expect much from you True but meh, you were a pretty cliche stereotyped story with the whole ~true love~ aspect. I had hoped for maybe you know a little surprise but I would have been fine with everything ending at Devoted. But True, you exemplify the powerful marketing scheme of a very famous celebrity who I adore so well, you did well on that part *thumbs up*Verdict: Meh, skip this. You could do without reading this series.