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Poison - Bridget Zinn Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsBridget Zinn’s debut is cute, exciting and oh so enjoyable. It is not everyday that the art of potion-making is explored with such a compelling synopsis. Poison had such an array of surprises and I loved the world Zinn created, it wasn’t the most extensive world-building but it was simple and easy to get used to. Zinn also mixed up some adventure and a dash of romance to stir things up. Poison is a great debut novel and a great legacy for Zinn whose time had come to an end too soon.Kyra’s story is very different from others, in this case she’s a heroine that no one knows about because everyone thinks she’s the villain for trying to assassinate her best friend. It’s a different direction from what we’re usually used to and I loved it! Kyra has a lot of secrets and quite determined to carve out her own destiny and become who she wants to be, not someone who she was born to be. She’s quick-witted, snarky and blunt around the edges. She’s not looking to be saved because she wants to save others.The secondary characters are so colourful and not typical medieval-ish characters – they’re far from it. Ariana, the princess, isn’t a damsel-in-distress, oh she can be foul-mouthed and very un-princess at times. She just wants to be free and make her own choices and explore the world outside. Fred is slick, dashing and takes Kyra by surprise. He is the perfect match for Kyra and I loved them two together.The world-building was actually considered simple, particularly for a fantasy novel but it was just right dose. It wasn’t overwhelming with details nor was it lacking in detail. I did wish we get a bit more of the various lands and areas in the book because the book was mainly plot-oriented but it was pretty good we got to explore as much as we did. I loved the story, very well-paced and the story-telling was really good because it set up surprises we never anticipated at all and you know I love surprises in books haha. They kind of crept up on you and we got to find out so much more about Kyra’s history and it all linked up to the present. As the story went on, we began peeling back the various layers to how Kyra got to her present situation and I liked how it was presented this way because I didn’t have constant questions and wondered oh what did Kyra do and stuff like that. Everything we knew about so far made sense and we would slowly find out more that brought in more complexity and layers to that situation so there was definitely more that meets the eye.This was a promising debut and like many who read this and enjoyed this, I am heartbroken that Bridget Zinn will never get to follow up on this book because there is so much more than she could have built on and I would have loved to read more about Kyra, Fred and Ariana. Poison is a worthy legacy she left behind, one she should be very proud of. A great read that I highly recommend this to fantasy lovers, this is light and funny and I loved it.