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Catching Jordan

Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsCatching Jordan caught me by surprise, I was expecting a very cliched contemporary romance with a predictable storyline and although I did manage to predict the storyline easily, it made me happy that Jordan made the right decisions in the end. Catching Jordan was a quick and sweet contemporary that was fun and enjoyable to read.Jordan has always loved football and she breaks the status quo by being the captain and quarterback of her high school football team despite being surrounded by boys. But Jordan earns their respect and they all care about her very much. Jordan was likable throughout the story, there were times when I didn’t agree with her decisions such as when Ty came along and when she was still oblivious about the college situation even though it was clear as day. I liked that she refused to be delegated to the sidelines when Ty came along, it was still her role as captain and she wasn’t going to let anyone take it from her, no matter how cute he was.Henry was so sweet, I loved his and Jordan’s friendship and all the things they did together. I loved his reactions when he and Jordan were doing a school project together, he’s probably my favourite character from the book. I did find the plot line involving him and Jordan pretty obvious, pretty much everyone knew except Jordan. Was she that oblivious? I couldn’t really agree with Henry’s actions though, I mean he was constantly hooking up with other girls. Not the way you want to get over Jordan, okay?Ty was trouble the moment he was mentioned, of course I was not fond of how Jordan was so enamoured by him and at first he just seemed like your average new guy to school and his situation made him very sympathetic. But then he started to become controlling in his relationship with Jordan and insisting on knowing wherever she was and causing a strain between Jordan’s relationship with her father over his support for Ty and lack of support for Jordan on college football.I was pleased with how the events of the story turned out because it was all I had hoped for. The story doesn’t exactly go the way you expect from what the blurb says but once you get into the story, you find yourself pleased that it didn’t. Catching Jordan is a good example of a fun contemporary read and that’s why I gave it 5 stars because it exemplifies this genre. However, if you compare Catching Jordan to my other 5 star ratings, it does poorly with its predictability. I did have trouble giving a rating to this book and I had to go with my gut in the end.However before I typed up this review, I stumbled across negative reviews of this book and what they said made me feel guilty because the things they pointed out are those that I feel very strongly about and would not condone myself. But I never saw any of it while I was reading Catching Jordan. It did compel me to change my rating but in the end I decided against it because all my ratings go according to how I felt right after reading the book.In the end, I suggest this book to you if you’re just looking for something light and fun but if you’re very particular about contemporaries and the issues typically seen in them, then you might not enjoy this as much.Verdict: Love contemporary? This is for you!