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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black 4.5/5Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received an eARC from the publisher. Thanks!I’ve never read anything by Holly Black and this was the first time I had heard of her so talk about her and this book definitely drew me in. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is not your ordinary vampire novel, Black has been able to fit vampires into our society and provide us with a situation what if there was a vampire outbreak and how we would handle it and live side-by-side with vampires? It was a thrilling, enjoyable read and no doubt I will be reading more of Holly Black’s books.We have Tana who wakes up the next morning at a party and finds that nearly everyone is dead except her ex-boyfriend Aidan who is infected and is going to turn Cold soon, chained in a room and with a vampire. I admired Tana, she was an unlikely hero thrust into a situation she never wanted to be in but she managed to keep a level-head and figure out a way to keep her family safe and to prevent herself from turning Cold at all cost. I really liked that despite all the temptations of becoming a vampire and the opportunities that would come with it, Tana still refused and wanted to be human. It was good to see a MC who actually stuck to her principles and refused to let anyone change that so Tana was definitely one of the highlights of the book for me.Gavriel was an interesting and very complex character, it’s hard to know what his true intentions are and what kind of person he really is. He carries himself with an air of mystery and he works it so well. There was definitely some chemistry between Tana and Gavriel which made things very interesting and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Aidan, Tana’s ex, is cocky and so sure of himself but underneath that exterior is a guy who does care and tries to do the best even though Tana finds it hard to trust him.I absolutely loved how complex and well-thought out everything was. How vampires were created, the history of vampires before the outbreak, how becoming infected works and how Coldtown worked. A lot of thought was put into all of this and I really appreciate that Black didn’t just throw in details and didn’t mean them later on. It all seems very possible when you think about it, particularly how teenagers become enamored with becoming a vampire and being immortal, thinking that life is greener on the other side. But how there are also people like Tana, who don’t see the glamourous side of the vampire life and would much prefer being human.I like the chapter breaks we get after every second chapter which are short and provide a bit of extra information to add more depth to the story, be it another character’s perspective or a flashback. It was quite refreshing to take a break from the story and just find out about another aspect. The story was well-written and the pacing was good too, Black manages to keep you engaged and drawn to the story throughout and pulls some surprises you never would have expected.I definitely recommend this and I think it’s going to be one of the best Fall releases, if the synopsis already appeals to you go grab it! Holly Black brings a whole another level of vampires and despite my misgivings about them, I’m starting to give them a chance and really enjoying these books.Verdict: What are you waiting for? Go get it!----------------This has to be probably the best vampire book I've read all year, though I don't recall if I have actually read a vampire book this year. Anyways, Holly Black is able to define vampires in her own way and make it complex and keep it absolutely horrifying and true to its nature. Tana is such an unlikely hero and down-to-earth, logical, practical and even though being a vampire in Coldtown would make her at the top of the food chain. She still wants to remain human. Such a good book, I'm gonna want this in hardcover!-- Full review to come!