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Kinslayer - Jay Kristoff Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received an ARC from Pan MacMillan Australia. Thank you!Having been blown away by Stormdancer, no doubt my expectations for Kinslayer were high and I wondered if it would be unable to live up to them. But however, Kristoff managed to pull it off and make Kinslayer even better than Stormdancer and keeps giving you massive facepunches throughout the book that you won’t even have time to recover before the next one. Kinslayer is a testament that this series is amazing and you should get on it as soon as possible.Yukiko’s not dealing well with what happened at the end of Stormdancer, the kenning has somehow gotten stronger and she seems to be unable to control it. This is causing a problem for everyone as many look upon her to lead the rebellion and bring peace to Shima and Yukiko is slowly spiralling downwards with trying to dull the kenning using alcohol. In Kinslayer we see that Yukiko’s role is more or less a symbol, she’s not the heroine we expected her to be and I did like that. It shows that sometimes a responsibility this big is not shouldered easily and not everyone handles it well. It just makes Yukiko so much more human.Yukiko and Buruu’s relationship has strengthened and they just give me all the feels! I’m pretty satisfied with Yukiko and Buruu, she doesn’t need a man in her life with Buruu around, their bond is so strong that it is almost to the point where it’s terrifyingly sweet. I mean seriously look at this quote (and yes, this is all in capslock because that’s how Buruu rolls)THEN KNOW THIS. BETWEEN AND BENEATH AND BEYOND ANYTHING ELSE I MAY BE, I AM YOURS. I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. NEVER FORSAKE YOU. YOU MAY RELY UPON ME AS YOU RELY UPON SUN TO RISE AND MOON TO FALL. FOR YOU ARE THE HEART OF ME. (pg. 31 of ARC)If that didn’t give you feels, I don’t know what will. Also Buruu isn’t a person, he’s an arashitora so a creature very similar to a griffin but literally a ‘stormtiger’ in case any of you were confused.The main spotlight was given to the secondary characters who were just incredibly kickass and awesome and I can’t even. MICHI, SHE SLAYED OKAY. It was good to be introduced to more characters too so we could see what was going on in Shima and it added more depth to the story. But this just meant it gave Kristoff more excuses to kill characters and drown us in all our feels and massive facepunches.What makes this book is how Kristoff is unrelenting with the events in the book, he doesn’t stop after one, he keeps going. I’m reeling from the pain of one event and he goes and does it again, making the massive hole in my heart even bigger. Nothing is held back here and there were several times in the book where I was just fuming mad because HOW COULD YOU???? There is at least one death which I will never forgive him for, you don’t just do that >:( People deaths I can live with but THIS RAWRRRRRRThe book is a monster in itself but I guarantee that you will not even notice how long it is because before long you’ll realise you’re nearly at the finish with two wet streaks across your cheeks which you had no idea about and wishing that it would never end. The writing is still very descriptive but the thing about Kristoff’s writing is that it helps you visualise the scene so vividly and is such an asset that it stops bothering you once you get into it so to those who were put off by the descriptive writing, don’t worry.Also, Paola @ A Novel Idea and I have dubbed the last book in the series – Feelscrusher. You’re welcome ;)Verdict: Who needs to buy food when you can just buy this book?--------------Oh. My. Word. This book was just blow after blow after blow and just so much happens. This is not a happy book you guys, it gets gritty. GET THIS BOOK. You will not regret it.The Lotus War has just begun....-- Full review to come!