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All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill I received an eARC from Bloomsbury. Thank you.Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsAll Our Yesterdays has gotten a lot of buzz this year and usually books fail to live up to the hype but All Our Yesterdays managed to live up to its reputation and wow me. Exhilarating, action-packed and fast-paced, All Our Yesterdays takes you on a journey that you will find hard to wrap your mind around as it slowly peels back the layers of the story to piece together what went wrong. This is a book you want to get this year and the less you know about it, the better.I’m going to keep my review as non-spoilerish as I can because I highly recommend going into this book with no clue at all about it. Don’t even read the blurb. Just know that this is a time-travel book and that should be enough because nearly everything is a spoiler in the story.Em is trapped in a cell where the Doctor wants the information she has but she won’t give it to him. Everything has turned out this way because of the Doctor and she knows that she has to stop him. She has to go back in time to stop him before the damage can be done, before the world turns out like this and full of destruction. The Doctor might think he’s doing good in the world but he’s deluding himself and Em knows she can stop him.Marina has always lived a very sheltered life, safe and contained, the worst of her problems is that she’s loved her best friend James for so long, she wishes he could see it. But everything starts crumbling down one day and suddenly James is being targeted, Marina is determined not to let anything happen to him but she finds out this is much more than she could have ever imagined.The characters in the story are all interesting, I’m not going to name them out but they were fleshed out well and although one or two characters were annoying, it was all still quite realistic. The characters are definitely one of the strong points of the novel and Terrill manipulates the story and her characters so well together. Terrill knows character development and this is one of the attributes of the novel, you see progression through the story and the characters being affected by various events in the story. It just brings up to life as you see how they respond in different situations.The story was done so well, in actual fact it is quite simple once you think about it but when you go into it you don’t actually expect it because of the way the story is told from the very beginning. From the very first page it was action-packed and it is hard to tear yourself away from it. Some scenes are absolutely gut-wrenching and you get all the feels, it’s quite an emotional rollercoaster especially at the end.The science terminologies and the mechanics of time travel were a little shaky, they were hard to wrap my mind around. I’m pretty sure you can still get into the story without understanding it completely but if you’re very bothered about making time travel scientifically accurate or at least it sounds logical, this might be something hard to grasp. I wasn’t too bothered about it because the story still could go on without understanding how time travel worked in All Our Yesterdays though I do wish it was explained in a more simpler manner.Although All Our Yesterdays, to me, seemed great as a standalone, a sequel is in the works! I’m excited to see what Cristin Terrill is going to come up next because she has proven to be a great author with this fantastic debut. I am definitely going to be looking forward to see what else happens! While we wait for the sequel, you need to get All Our Yesterdays now. Like right now.Verdict: Run to the bookstore and get it. NOW. --------------------------------4.5/5That ending was so tense and action-packed and gut-wrenching. A really good time-travel novel that keeps you constantly on your toes. Definitely a book you want to read this year, it is worth the hype.-- Full review to come!