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3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows

3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows - Ann Brashares Rating this was a very hard decision to make, I was dangling in between 4 and 5 stars but ultimately decided on giving it 5 stars at Goodreads and 4.5 stars for the review. I've read the previous Sisterhood books and am a big fan of them and the movies so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that there was a spin-off (there is a sequel to the Sisterhood series too called Sisterhood Everlasting which I'll be reading and reviewing soon).The story starts out with flashbacks from the past from where Polly, Jo and Ama were close friends and then it pans back to present day where it's revealed that along the years, they had drifted away. It was a little confusing at first adjusting from the flashbacks to the present because when I was reading the flashbacks, my mind was still in the past and suddenly I'm thrown back into the present. It took a while to get used to but once I had gotten used to it, the flashbacks stopped. I guess the flashbacks were just to give the reader a better understanding of the characters.The characters here are much younger than the Sisterhood and the Sisterhood is definitely mentioned in the book. Though through the eyes of the three characters, they are treated as sort of 'role-models' and I found that really interesting because when we were reading the Sisterhood series, we always saw the 4 girls as just average teens. It was interesting to see the perspective of the Sisterhood from another character's eyes.What I love about this book is what the author is trying to convey through the 3 characters. Reading YA books, I've become very used to easy solutions and 'happy endings' but here, the characters learn more the hard way. It just feels in a way more realistic and relatable although the events in the book were slightly hard to believe. It's a very heart-warming story that teaches you so much and to value the friendships that truly matter because ultimately, they're the ones that will stick by you through thick and thin.There aren't any magical pants involved in this book but the Sisterhood still grows through another way. It just goes to show you don't need magical pants to have such a friendship, it's all what ties all of you together that truly matters.Review from Gypsy Reviews