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Everbound: An Everneath Novel

Everbound: An Everneath Novel - 2.5/5 (As with Everneath, I am not rounding this up to 3 stars because it was not good enough for that rating)Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI didn’t enjoy Everneath very much as stated in my previous review and was not going to read the sequel actually until I finished Everneath and the ending convinced me to give it a shot. Everbound is much better than Everneath in terms of characterisation (at least for one character) and world building but even with those little improvements, some areas remained bad or even worsened so I could only give it the same rating as Everneath.Nikki continues to be one of the flattest characters I have ever encountered, actually only after reading a negative review of Everneath (I really can’t remember whose review it was, I have got to keep track of whose reviews I read if I ever quote them. I’m so sorry!) that Nikki was more or less a Mary-Sue, much like Bella from Twilight. Immediately, I could see that Nikki was quite a bit of a Mary Sue. It was hard to think of any redeeming qualities she had, I honestly couldn’t think of one that wasn’t either linked to Cole or Jack. This was just looking at her as a character by herself and I just couldn’t think of anything. Everbound just confirmed this fact because she went into 3 scenarios recklessly and had to get herself saved, damsel in distress much? It was the typical teenager girl klutz act. You may say that Nikki is determined to find Jack but we only see her like that in that scenario, it doesn’t necessarily speak about herself as a whole because that might not apply if it was a another person instead of Jack. Would she be as determined to save someone else like that? A character should not depend on an arc or a character to have qualities or a personality actually, it should be in the entire package and that’s what bothers me a lot about Nikki. Everything about her can only be seen when it comes to something to do with Jack.I’ve changed my mind about Jack, the writing and the way Nikki kept talking about Jack just ruined everything for me. Jack was good in everything, he was beautiful (if I had a dollar for every time I heard Jack was beautiful) and he was beginning to be a bit of a Gary Stu. Their love for each other was beginning to become nauseating and lost that romantic touch they had in Everneath. Cole on the other hand was well-written in Everbound, there’s a twist at the end that makes you go OH NO YOU DIDN’T. So that makes me happy that Cole finally lives up to his name as the bad guy.Even with the introduction of Everneath, an entirely new world and being able to finally explore some of the mythology behind it, the worldbuilding paled in comparison to other YA novels. It was not descriptive enough to provide a clear visual image. The way the worldbuilding was done very much reflected on Ashton’s style of writing – everything was just barely touched on enough to not make it seem empty but also not full enough to provide you with the full picture. It was underwhelming and there was so much that could have been touched on and expanded on which wasn’t done at all.The story was a bit predictable but enjoyable enough, it was definitely an improvement over Everneath because it had been a huge drag for me to read that so Everbound was a considerably faster read. I’m half-impressed with the ending, I like the twist because it was surprising. I didn’t like Nikki’s decision because it made me raise my eyebrow and go “Are you serious? Uhm, okay. How you gonna do that?” It just didn’t seem like a rational and realistic decision to make, I understand that it might have been intended to be a badass decision and build up a sort of epic atmosphere but with Nikki, a flat and boring heroine, it falls short and fails to invoke that image.I might give the final book in the series, Evertrue, a try when it comes out next year. I’m not going to go out of my way to get it, if I see it in the library or I get it for review I’ll check it out but I will not be buying it when it comes out. If you want to check out this series, I highly recommend checking both positive and negative reviews for this series before deciding. I wouldn’t exactly recommend it if you’re looking for something with Greek mythology but maybe if you like sappy romance.