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Tumble & Fall

Tumble & Fall - Alexandra Coutts

Originally posted at Gypsy Reviews


I received an eARC from the publisher, thank you!


I was surprised by the surge of negative reviews and DNFs on this book, the summary seemed interesting and I didn’t expect such a reaction but as I went into it, I could see why. Tumble & Fall fails to hold and maintain most reader’s interest because of how boring the plot is, it seemed like aimless walking with nothing remotely exciting. It wasn’t an interesting book but I didn’t hate it either.


Tumble & Fall is told from three POVs, in the 3rd person and in the present tense. Few books are told in the present tense and it unnerved me, I was uncomfortable with the writing style and it was hard to get into but after a while, it didn’t bother me so much. We have Sienna who is dealing with her dad’s engagement and the fact that he wants to spend their last few days together as a family, Zan who is still reeling from the death of her boyfriend and finding out something about his last day and finally Caden who is kidnapped by his father who he hasn’t seen in years.The problem with the characters was that there were simply too many, once I went onto the next POV, I couldn’t remember the name of the other character’s POV I had just read about. No one stuck to me, they were easily forgettable and didn’t leave an impact at all. It took me a while to remember whose POVs were in the book and then remembering the secondary characters took quite some time too.


Tumble & Fall is really about coming to terms about your last few days and deciding how you would spend them. So in other terms, there isn’t much actually going on in the story, there isn’t a plot because all the characters are doing are waiting out the days before the end of the world. A lot of the decisions the characters made definitely don’t seem likely at all but seeing how the world was going to end, I guess you could say it was reasonable for example, Sienna falling in love with an old childhood friend and them proclaiming their love for each other. Normally I would just be shaking my head at them but I guess if the world is going to end, you want to live as much as possible during your last days.Some of the events were pretty bizarre, I mean Caden’s father kidnaps him and he buys him a prostitute. Uhm crazy much? They were definitely questionable and I know a few people were uncomfortable with that. Out of all the POVs, I think I liked Zan’s the most although I was so tired of her feeling as if she owned her dead boyfriend and couldn’t move on because it would be marring his memory. Girl, the world is about to end, I don’t think he would begrudge you doing what you wanted if you were going to die soon.


I did like some of the quotes in the book though.


Sorry is a feeling, a passive state of heart and mind. Forgiveness is something you give. (98%)

He’s the best because he only lies when he wants something badly enough; and usually, what he wants is to be telling the truth. (1%)


I definitely do find it hard to recommend this book because it’s not your normal contemporary novel. Bottom line is I think if you’re curious enough about this novel and you’ve read a variety of reviews of it and still want to read it, you should. But if you find anything you don’t like, you would be better off not reading it.


Verdict: If you’re curious enough about it, try it out. If not, it’s probably not worth your time.


I didn't like this book yet I didn't hate it. I can see why people DNFed it but it was an okay book though. There didn't really seem to be a pkot, it was mainly just the three characters coming to terms with themselves and self-discovery.-- Full review to come!