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Just One Day

Just One Day - Gayle Forman Review originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsJust One Day begins with Allyson on her last day on a tour to Europe with her best friend, Melanie. On the very last day, they decide to ditch the tour group and see a group called Guerilla Will perform Twelfth Night. Allyson is enchanted by Sebastian who is played by Willem. On their way back to London, Allyson and Willem happen to be on the same train and Allyson is drawn to Willem, he then asks her if she wants to go to Paris. On a whim, she agrees and they spend one day in Paris however when Allyson wakes up to find Willem gone, she assumes the worst of the situation. Over the next year, we see how much this incident has affected Allyson and slowly, she realises that there is so much to what Willem taught her and by trying to find Willem, she discovers herself.I was absolutely enchanted by Paris, it was simply magical and it made me want to hop on a plane to Paris right now, point my finger at a random train stop and just go there. Gayle Forman was fantastic in describing every single one of the places Allyson went to and it made everything come to life. The language is mesmerising and so many good quotes!Allyson, in the beginning, was a character I would love to hate because she has that stereotypical quiet girl who suddenly meets a handsome guy scenario and I was a bit frustrated that even months after the incident, she was still being affected by it because at the verge she was going, I was going to hate her. Until she decided to find Willem. Now originally, I didn’t think finding Willem was a good idea but Allyson started to discover so many things about herself and began to bloom that I began to love her. Before she was just enduring life, going by each and every day without fully living it and then after, she really starts to live.The secondary characters were great too, I absolutely adored Dee – he’s so vibrant, so full of colour and different and it was honestly just so good that Allyson finally had someone to confide in. The relationships between the characters were done very well. For Melanie, I think it was natural for her and Allyson to go through that period of drifting away from each other because they were both living such different lives and it’s very relatable because that happens in life. You do start to drift away from people who were your best friends once you go to separate schools. I was intrigued by Willem, I really want to find out more about him and his life and his attitude towards Allyson so I’m looking forward to that in Just One Year.I love that this book was much more about self-discovery than love, it’s very easy to resonate with and just reminds you to seize the day – carpe diem. To live life, to not be afraid to be adventurous and try out new things and that so many things can happen in one day, if you actually make an effort to make that one day meaningful. I actually hoped Allyson wouldn’t find Willem in the end but then I found myself actually wanting that to happen because it didn’t seem complete if she didn’t find him in the end. I was actually pleased with the ending.In overall, Just One Day was an enjoyable read with fantastic characters, beautiful scenery and a great storyline. It reminds you to make the most out of life and to step out of your boundaries and that there are no accidents. I will definitely check out Just One Year which is written from Willem’s point of view about the events after he met Allyson.