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Archipelago - Monique Roffey DNFI just couldn't get through this book, not after reading September Girls and suffering through that. I was expecting an inspiring journey of a father and her daughter but what I got was boring monologue that consisted of the most random, detailed and absurd thoughts ever. I mean the father literally thought that pissing was like a... strange dull orgasmThis is a 40 year old man we're talking about. Do I really want to know about this? He's peeing and then also thinking about having sex with this women at his workplace because he hasn't had sex in a while and feels 'less of a man'. What finally convinced me to stop was when he found a bundle of cocaine at the sea and started to get high on it but stopped when his daughter wanted to try some and his dog wanted to stuff her nose into it. Uhm what? Your kid is right there and you want to get high on cocaine? You're in the middle of nowhere. I do not need to know every single painstaking detail of what Gavin does and all the sensations he is feeling. This book is a good reminder to me as to why I am reluctant to read any old adult book because of how boring they usually are but this is the tip of the iceberg because I haven't read such an awful adult book in a long time and I don't DNF every single day, I have a pretty high tolerance so if I do DNF, there's something really bad about this book and I tried not to because this was a review book.