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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Review originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI’ve heard a lot about Anna Dressed in Blood and from what I’d heard, I thought it was going to be a pretty good book however it disappointed me with the romance, it was nothing like I expected it to be.The premise was interesting, I was quite excited to read a story from a male’s POV because I hadn’t read a book in one in a while. Cas is snarky, witty and he has a sense of humour. He’s a bit over-confident at times and does seem a bit full of himself sometimes. However he does mellow down a bit further into the book and you see more dimensions of him, mainly because of Anna. Anna is a peculiar character, she seems like a harmless ghost but what with her history, she is anything but. Though when it came to Anna and Cas’s relationship, I was disappointed and confused and just couldn’t grasp it at all.Cas and Anna only talk about a couple of times though it’s mostly confrontations because Cas has to kill Anna, that fact is always nagging at the back of his mind but he doesn’t because she’s not like the usual ghosts he handles. At first you think it’s because Anna spared his life (the explanation given for why she spared his life was such a let down especially when that is the last line in the synopsis and brings in some of the excitement. Definitely did not live up to the hype), then later on when we find out why Anna has been killing everyone who steps into her house, Cas detours from killing Anna because he just can’t. There’s something about her which makes him want to actually protect her.All of a sudden that leads to Cas falling in love with Anna and Anna feels the same way about him, Cas is calling Anna, ‘My Anna’ in his head but the whole time I was going, “How can they be in love?!? Didn’t they just talk a couple of times? They hardly know anything about each other at all.” They never had some heartfelt talking or something to indicate their relationship was growing into something more. Their romance seemed out-of-the-blue and it just really put me off because I had heard that their relationship was cute. Sorry guys but I can’t be invested in a romance where I don’t even understand why they were together in the first place and how can they even be in love.The horror and paranormal element of the story worked for me though. Just the right dose of creepiness that doesn’t make you shriek in horror but enough to get you shivering a bit at what you read. I wish we got more explanation over Cas’s role as a ghost hunter, like his history and his father’s history, why they’re born to kill ghosts and such. Especially with the later part of the story that addresses more of this, would have loved to know more about the athame and how it was connected with Cas’s ancestors etc.In overall, Anna Dressed in Blood was a good read with interesting characters but the romance in the story wasn’t convincing enough at all and to me, it was the book’s downfall. I don’t think I’m going to get the sequel but if I happen to stumble upon it in the library, I might borrow it.