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Fever - Lauren DeStefano Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsWarning: Spoilers ahead, do not read if you have not read Wither.Before I read Fever, I had read a lot of reviews and heard that Fever was not as good as its predecessor, I was hoping that wasn’t true because Wither was fantastic and I loved it but sadly, after reading Fever, I have to agree with the majority. Fever is a disappointing sequel to Wither.Rhine and Gabriel have finally escaped the mansion and they’re on their way to Manhattan where Rhine will finally reunite with her twin brother, Rowan. However, the journey to Manhattan isn’t a smooth one at all. Rhine and Gabriel must face challenges and get themselves out of some sticky situations before they can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Though they just can’t seem to avoid Vaughn, Linden’s father and Rhine’s father-in-law, who seems to find them everywhere they go.As with Wither, Lauren DeStefano’s writing kept me engaged and craving for more, I just couldn’t stop reading because I had to find out what happened in the next chapter. The story however, took a turn for the worse the more I got into the book. The beginning had that same exhilarating feeling I got while reading Wither though as Rhine and Gabriel continued to get themselves into bad situations and being saved, I just wondered, how were they so fortunate to constantly get out of these situations? The events at the end just made me shake my head and it made the whole book just feel useless and redundant, just a filler book for the series.I had high hopes for Gabriel and Rhine’s relationship but nothing ever materialised, sure they had some intimacy but it wasn’t real. There was no true passion, no true feelings between them. They were just intimate for the sake that they only had each other. Rhine was just starting to be pathetic towards the end when she found out she was dying, I just couldn’t believe she was willing to let all her efforts go just like that. Even if Vaughn had the antidote, what was she going to do that was going to be worse than going back and living in the mansion until she died as a prisoner?With Rowan, I was actually expecting some kind of backstabbing where Rhine would find him and he would backstab her and turn her back to Vaughn which is what I interpreted from Annabelle’s card reading for Rhine. But my suspicions were proven wrong, it was a little sad not to actually see Rowan in the book other than in Rhine’s memories or in that small snippet. He’s proven to be a big part of Rhine’s life and it feels incomplete not to have him in the book.Fever lacks the luster that Wither had which made it so enjoyable, no doubt if you’ve started this series you have to read this but for fans of this series, it was just disappointing to see the sequel of Wither turn out like this. I’m definitely going to read Sever but not yet sure if I’m prepared for the disappointment of that book either. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to read more of Lauren DeStefano’s books, I just adore her writing.