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Scrap - Emory Sharplin 2.5/5Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received an eARC from Green Leaf Book Group via NetGalley. Thank you!Scrap sounds like an adventurous fantasy novel with a promising storyline and the potential to be something different from what we usually read. However, Scrap follows the lines of a typical fantasy novel despite the interesting history of the brutal king and the inclusion of alchemy. The plot was fairly predictable and it was difficult to believe the events due to the poor planning and pacing of the story, also the characters were not developed well enough for me to believe they were in that particular situation.Tucker Scrap has been in the orphanage for as long as she can remember when she was left there with a note on her with her friend, Kally. Tucker works at the bakery and stealing has become a way of life, though getting beaten by the baker for doing so but she’s content to have a job. Tucker has a mind of her own and a peculiar girl who although has been an orphan her entire life and lived at the orphanage, it was hard to believe her position. I never got the impression she fit her description. When she was trying to be someone else, she adjusted to it very fast and it seemed unlikely to me that a true orphan would adapt so fast to a rich person’s world. Tucker seemed a bit too arrogant for her own good and wasn’t exactly very likable in my book, it was hard to identify with her.I definitely enjoyed the history of King Ibis and how ruthless he was, it seemed real enough to be in the medieval times. I only really felt that it was a fantasy book from when I was learning more of the history, those parts were the few that managed to engage me and forget about how far along I was through the book. However, the worldbuilding was done poorly, there was a lot of name-dumping of the lands but little was built on top of it. It was hard to visualise the areas because not much was concentrated on the scenery.Now the rebellion, I was pretty astounded at how little time was needed for such a plan to be concocted. We’re talking about a heartless king who has killed his own wives and daughters in cold blood and they’re going with a simple tactic to try and kill him? Hmmm. It seemed like a lot of planning had gone into it and there were a lot of people backing up the rebellion but it seemed like a two person plan, something that only amateurs would come up with when they were truly desperate. It was underwhelming to know that this was the tactic being used, no doubt I knew that it was going to fail because so little thought had been put into it. I had been expecting something much more akin to a war or battle judging by the scale of king’s power.There were many plotholes that never ended up being resolved, it might have been that the author was planning to resolve these in the sequel but if you introduce them in the synopsis and it happens early into the story, these matters should be resolved within the book and not in another book.Scrap proved to be an underwhelming fantasy story that just seemed to go through the motions of a typical fantasy book without going in-depth and exploring the many possibilities it could have ventured into. With a heroine that I found hard to identify with, I didn’t exactly enjoy this book nor did I particularly hate it. I didn’t really have any feelings towards it. I am not sure if I would recommend this because it was generally quite boring, I guess if the history of King Ibis intrigues you enough you should give it a go because the history part is definitely one I enjoyed. If not, you won’t be missing much by skipping this.