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Overbite - Meg Cabot Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsThe sequel to Insatiable got terrible ratings so I was preparing myself for the mess that was going to be Overbite. It was quite a mess, I would have given it a single star rating but I felt obliged to give it an extra star because Meena ended up with the right guy.Overbite starts off around 6 months later after the events of Insatiable. Meena Harper is now working for the Palatine with Alaric Wulf. The book immediately starts with Meena meeting her ex-boyfriend, David, after having had bad dreams about his future and with her special ability to know how someone will die, she agrees to meet him to try and forewarn him about his impending death. However, it doesn’t go so well when it turns out David is now a vampire and attacks her but she is rescued in time by Lucien Antonescu, her vampire ex-boyfriend. With Lucien still in New York, the Palatine is still trying to hunt him down and when Father Henrique is assigned to be transferred to the Palatine’s Manhattan quarters as the new pastor, there might just be a connection between all the events.The book’s pacing was off, the beginning seemed so rushed and immediately shot into Meena nearly being killed by David and seeing Lucien again. Then it dragged on for a while and then suddenly near the end, a bunch of stuff is revealed and that got me really confused because I didn’t really see the connection between all these events. Cabot rushed with this book and left out a lot of character development that was necessary in the sequel, it didn’t feel as developed as the previous book in terms of plot and characters. With the plot, I felt that Cabot could have expanded a lot and added in more connections throughout the story. There is a notable difference of the length of Overbite as compared to Insatiable, as Overbite is around 270 pages whereas Insatiable was around 400+ pages so it makes you wonder if Cabot had been rushed or she lost interest in the story.I didn’t like Lucien in Insatiable and he actually became worse and much more controlling than before. He continually tries to force Meena to agree to become a vampire for ‘her own safety’ and that he loves her. Meena refuses to let him do that because she would have to leave her family, friends and she simply does not want that life. Meena continues to believe there is good in Lucien and she acknowledges that Lucien is becoming more devilish and different from when she first fell in love with him. Lucien’s behaviour even seemed abusive because he even wanted to try and get Meena killed so he could turn her into a vampire. When Alaric gave Meena a cross necklace to protect her, Lucien kept telling her to take it off because it prohibited him from kissing her but if he truly loved her and wanted her to be safe, he would have let her wear it. His jealousy was up to the point where he even wanted to kill Alaric. It was impossible to even like Lucien at all at this point. I was so satisfied with the ending because I couldn’t stand this abusive relationship any longer.There was a severe lack of character development, characters such as Leisha, Meena’s best friend, Jon, Meena’s brother etc. were all left out or hardly were mentioned and I really liked them in Insatiable. Everything was just concentrated on the central plot and Meena and Lucien and was very rushed. There wasn’t much relationship building either, I would have liked to see some of the development between Meena and Alaric’s relationship while they were working in the Palatine guard together before all the events occurred.In the end, I really don’t think this is worth the read if you haven’t read Insatiable yet. You might want to get it for the sake of finishing the series but if you liked Lucien, prepare to be disappointed. Overall, probably one of Cabot’s worst novels that could have been improved so much but I wouldn’t let this affect your opinion of Meg Cabot, she’s fantastic at writing YA novels but I just don’t think vampires was something she should have ventured into.