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The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden, #2) - Julie Kagawa 4.5/5I received an eARC from Harlequin via NetGalley. Thank you very much!Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsVery frequently we see a sequel succumb to Second Book Syndrome, where the sequel is nowhere as near good as the first book but Julie Kagawa manages to do the impossible. The Eternity Cure is so much more thrilling and exhilarating than The Immortal Rules, packing a punch of action into the story and numerous twists and turns to keep you constantly on your toes. You need to read The Eternity Cure.Allison is even more determined this time to rescue her sire, Kanin from the hands of the psychotic vampire, Sarren. In The Immortal Rules we saw her coming to terms about being a vampire and in The Eternity Cure, we see her getting to know her own vampire family and understanding more about the whole mechanics of being a vampire in vampire society. Allie is faced with many hard decision to make this time and many between life and death. She’s still the character we all enjoyed back in The Immortal Rules and few things have changed about her but we can see her growth and how far she has come along from living in the Fringe, to being an independent and fearless vampire.You’ll see the return of a few characters, I don’t want to spoil too much on this part because I was really surprised and I want to keep that suspense for all of you. It’s good to see the change and transition of the other characters, Kagawa really made them grow and adapt to the situation in the story. We see how much has changed since we last saw them and none of them is the same. I can say that I’m satisfied that we got to see more of Kanin, we don’t learn anything too new but you can truly see that Kanin is anything but a typical vampire. You can see how his experiences have changed him and how his actions are so different to Allie’s, how he takes everything calmly and understands the risks.The action here is so much more exhilarating this time round because we have Sarren who is this manipulative, calculative and psychotic vampire who will go to all lengths to try and get what he wants. There’s something incredibly haunting and chilling about him and his scenes, you can get shivers down your spine. The thing that really works with Sarren is that his scenes aren’t fast and straightforward, he likes to play games and keeps you constantly on your toes wondering what his next move will be. He drags out his game, wanting to enjoy how his opponents react and takes great pleasure from their fear.What blew me away was the ending, hats off to you Julie Kagawa for making something that should have been dismissed as a story gimmick to make me actually believe that it was real. I don’t feel like my review will do the book any justice because really, less is more, for this book. The less you know initially, the more you’ll enjoy it. I loved The Eternity Cure and it was a far quicker read than The Immortal Rules, I’m going to be eagerly anticipating the next book (if there is one because there better be!) and I really can’t wait to find out what happens! You definitely need to check out this series if you like action, thrill and suspense!