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Insatiable - Meg Cabot Review originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsTwilight ruined vampires for me and I haven’t read a vampire-related book since but as this book was from Meg Cabot, I trusted that she would be able to do justice to vampires. Meena Harper is a dialogue writer for the soap-opera Insatiable which she has been a fan of since young, her boss one day announces that her rival has become Head Writer and that now, the network wants them to integrate vampires into the storyline. Meena is not the biggest fan of vampires, or the supernatural though she is pretty familiar with the supernatural as she can tell how a person is going to die. One day, she meets Lucien Antonescu who is the prince of darkness and they fall in love with each other but things aren’t looking up for both of them when it appears their romance is right in between a feud between two brothers vying for the throne of darkness.This isn’t your typical vampire novel, sure the human falls in love with the vampire but there’s also a vampire slayer and it’s not all happily ever after for the human and the vampire which is actually, a very nice change. There are quite a few twists that make it enjoyable.Meena is witty and I generally quite liked her, she was everything that Bella is not and that pleased me because she had the common sense to be afraid of Lucien when she found out he was a vampire. Most of the characters are fleshed out very well and enjoyable to read about. The story was well linked as well and even though the plot was predictable at times, Cabot was able to execute it in a way that didn’t make you frustrated that you could predict who was involved, rather you were happy to go with the ride and enjoy the show. It was also nice to be able to read the different POVs (point of views) of the characters because they were all so different, their lives were so different. It would have been hard to tell the entire story with just one person’s POV because they linked up altogether in the story.I liked Alaric, I’m on Team Alaric haha. I’m actually hoping that they will end up together because there really was potential for them, there was some character development unlike Lucien and Meena. I just couldn’t like Lucien at all, I did not understand at all how he could suddenly be in love with Meena because he hardly even knew her and the ending, it just made him seem like a selfish jerk. So I was pleased with the ending because it made Meena her own person and she wasn’t letting anyone else call the shots, she was going to do what was right for her.In the end, I liked the book enough as a vampire novel but it did get boring, especially the Lucien and Meena scenes in the beginning – I nearly gave up reading this book because everything had been moving very slowly. However, not one of Cabot’s best novels in my opinion. Good enough to read but if you really want to read this book, I would recommend you borrowing it.