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Cross My Heart, Hope To Die (The Lying Game, #5) - Sara Shepard Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsSara Shepard keeps The Lying Game series going with an endless amount of sequels to this series and absolutely no conclusion as to who killed Sutton. This book is not different from the other books in the series, generally all these books have a central plot where Emma will suspect someone killed Sutton and follow up on this. Then Sutton will regain a memory of the night she was murdered and find out that they didn’t murder Sutton.Despite the predictable plot, the writing is good. Sometimes when I read YA books I find the writing choppy and it doesn’t flow right but Sara Shepard always manages to make her writing flow very nicely. Her descriptions are well-written and fairly easy to visualise. Her characters also have their own unique personalities that make them distinguishable and each time you read one of her books, you begin to become more familiar with them and they’re easy to form attachments with.I actually really liked Emma and Thayer’s budding relationship, although Emma isn’t really Sutton but she is pretending to be and before Sutton was murdered, Sutton and Thayer were actually in a secret relationship. Thayer is a bit more susceptible to how ‘Sutton’ has changed and his piece of advice to her was probably my favourite part of the book.It was really the plot that disappointed me because I feel like this has to end, we have to find out who killed Sutton (although I already suspect someone thanks to that ending). We keep going in circles and it gets even more disappointing with every single book. You can only drag out a story for so long. I will continue to keep up with this series but I don’t think I’ll be writing anymore reviews on this series nor Pretty Little Liars. But if you like long series’s with mystery and lots of drama, Sarah Shepard’s books are definitely for you however if you think you would find this too long winded, maybe not.