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Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsHaving heard so much about Stephanie Perkins’ books, I had to check Lola and the Boy Next Door when I found it at the library and boy, I do not regret it at all. I have Anna and the French Kiss on my shelves but have yet to touch it actually but I was so excited to see that Anna and St. Clair were inside this book!The first thing that struck me about Lola and the Boy Next Door was how diverse it was and how unafraid Stephanie Perkins was. Lola has two dads you guys, how awesome is that for diversity? Lola is unconventional, she dresses up differently every single day and not in the different you would expect. She can wear a raincoat even when it’s not raining but because it matches her dress, she wears wigs too to complete her look and from the start, I adored Lola. Perkins manages to capture the essence of being a teenager right in Lola and sure, you might want to shake her by the shoulders and go “WHY LOLA??” but it just reminds you that she’s a teenager, she makes these decisions and has these feelings. It just makes her human .Oh Cricket, you know I thought by how perfect he was in everything that he was going to be insufferable but he was perfect in a way that he is so right for Lola. It is not possible for a love interest to be this good but somehow Cricket was and he was so endearing. I usually hate perfect characters because of how much the MC has drolled on and on about how flawless they are but Cricket managed to prove me wrong on that point.Blergh Max. I wanted to hurl a chair at him as I got through more and more of the book. I thought he wasn’t so bad in the beginning that underneath the rocker appearance, he was smart and I could see why Lola liked him. But if someone cannot tolerate your family and calls the stuff that you do with them ‘stupid’, he’s just not worth it. That really bugged me that he was so intolerant of Lola’s family and made it seem like everything he did for her in tolerating what her dads did, that she owed her. Although Lola wasn’t a total angel in their relationship either, I just can’t with Max on that front. Maybe it’s my strong attachment to family speaking but he was all kinds of wrong.I really liked how Lola felt she was undeserving of Cricket and wanted to prove herself to him and to actually earn him because it doesn’t make everything seem so easy and that they didn’t work for their relationship. Cricket and Lola are so sweet together, I loved seeing them together. They gave me warm and fuzzy feelings hehe.Lola and the Boy Next Door is a fun, light-hearted, aw-inducing contemporary romance novel that will keep you waiting in anticipation for the couple to finally get together despite the ups and downs they face. One of my favourite contemporary reads this year and I simply cannot wait to delve into Anna and the French Kiss and then Isla and the Happily Ever After later this year.