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Meant to Be - Lauren Morrill Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsThere’s just something about high school romance where you remember that time when a crush could consume all your thoughts and if you think about it now, it’s kind of silly to care so much about a crush and believe it was ~true love~. Meant To Be is a great fun read that reminds you that sometimes you can’t follow a rigid plan, that sometimes you need to live a little and that some things you never knew were just right beside you.Julia can’t let anything not go the way she planned, she is smart and curious about the world and is elated to be on the trip to London. It’s easy to relate to Julia who always plans a step ahead and is down to earth, practical, she likes to follow rules. There’s a sort of security obeying the rules, that way you always anticipate what is going to happen and it’s safe. Though her crush on Mark is a tad bit overdone but what high school girl wouldn’t be like that? I remember a time when I was like that too, you would hardly know the person but you just thought you were Meant To Be. It’s a process of growing up and realising hey, maybe we’re getting a little too far and I need to take things from a logical perspective.Jason on the other hand is the class clown and he’s all for taking risks, dragging Julia along with him. He constantly teases Julia, calling her a ‘book licker’ and he manages to teach her a few things on living. Despite that unruly and immature presence about him, there’s something much deeper inside of Jason, someone who has bigger secrets than he would ever reveal and soon, he and Julia grow close to each other without even realising it. I think Julia taught him a few things as well about staying grounded and knowing his limits.There are plenty of things about Meant To Be that I could scoff about because some areas were quite ridiculous but to me, it was a fun contemporary novel if you’re looking for something light-hearted. The pace was good and there was character development between all the characters. It was great finding out more about them rather who they were just on the surface, particularly with contemporary novels, where the plot isn’t too heavy. There needs to be more focus on the relationships between the characters and Meant To Be nails that. The story was pretty predictable though but I enjoyed the ride along with the characters.Meant To Be reminded me a lot of how it was to be a young teen and be so thrown off by love, it made me feel a little nostalgic but glad I’m not like that anymore because boy, those were some funny days. I look back and I can’t help but shake my head at how stupid I could have been for having these silly thoughts. I don’t regret them though because like I said, I feel like this is the whole process of growing up. Julia needed to get through that phase of crushing on Mark and rigidity to go on to knowing who truly mattered and more about living. Some things you just gotta experience before getting to the other side.