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The Assassin’s Curse (The Assassin's Curse, #1) - Cassandra Rose Clarke The Assassin’s Curse seemed promising when I first read the blurb, it gave off a kind of Arabian feel to it and the magic seemed interesting enough. However, the slow pacing of the book and the one-sided romance and attraction Annana felt for Naji was distracting and unbearable to read about. Annana’s whiny and irritating personality did not help in this area either despite her abilities and skills.Annana is a girl of many talents, having been born to two pirates she knows how to steal without getting caught, she knows how to fight a little and has a plan for her future. However despite her talents, Annana was a bit of a spoilt brat. She was nagging at Naji constantly and was very annoying and irritating. Then all these feelings would suddenly appear and she would want Naji to notice her, it was like “Suddenly a wild feeling appears!” Yes, Annana falls in love with Naji and she does so almost the second she meets him. The whole thing could not compute in my mind because Naji was meant to kill her. She hardly even knows him at all, I just couldn’t with this at all.Naji is an assasin hired by her betrothed’s family and well, I never actually got the sense that Naji was actually an assassin and I was even meant to fear him because he acted like such a wimp. I was intrigued by Naji’s history and how the whole mechanics of being an assassin worked but Naji was very boring. He seemed so weak and the romance isn’t even a romance because I never got the sense that Naji reciprocated Annana’s feelings at all although he might have led her on with the things he said but I never saw an indication that he was just in love with her as she was with him. Besides, they both hardly knew each other. So the romance, from my perspective, was very one-sided and pretty much very weird.I liked the magic and the world, the world building was decent although I got confused with the names and such since we were never given much background information and pretty much thrown or thrust into the world of The Assassin’s Curse. The concept of magic was very interesting indeed, the magic definitely held most of the interest I had in this book because without it, I don’t think I would have continued reading it. I also was not a fan of how easy everything came to Annana, she stole very frequently to keep herself alive and I know she is quite adept at it but every time it is thrown in casually and Annana steals something with ease, it irritated me. I don’t like the easy way out in books, it is hard to believe and just seems all too convenient. There just didn’t seem to be any challenges in the book, everything seemed so easy and almost boring.The pacing was very slow, I felt like The Assassin’s Curse was just a transitional book to the real plot – the quest to break the curse. It is only at the ending do we even find out how to break the curse and from the synopsis, it gave me the impression that we were going to find out how to break the curse within that book. So I did feel the book was a waste of time, I don’t feel like we needed many of those scenes with Annana and Naji basically doing nothing but just travelling.I am hesitant to read the sequel, The Pirate’s Wish, because I won a copy from the publisher and I’m not exactly a big fan of the book because of the characters. I did hear that this series is a duology so The Pirate’s Wish is the last book so I guess I might try it out and see if it’s any better than The Assassin’s Curse. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this book unless you like painful one-sided romances.Verdict: Skip it, not worth your time. ---------------------Panned out very slowly and well, the quest only really got going when the book ended so the whole book was mainly a transition which is never my favourite way to write a book because I always think no matter if it's in a series or standalone, it has to be self-contained. The romance just came out of nowhere and I never got the sense that Naji was actually an assassin because he was very mopey. The world was quite fascinating and the magic. I didn't like Annana very much, she's awfully irritating. I'm hesitant whether to continue with this series.-- Full review to come