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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsBefore I even started this book, people were telling me how creepy and mysterious this book was but well, I think next time I’m gonna take it with a grain of salt because my level of creepiness appears to be quite high. I did not expect to go into this book with a paranormal plot that was touched on briefly and mystery and creepy moments that made me feel about as creeped out as looking at a cute kitten and a Edward Cullen wannabe though he’s not a vampire and actually British. (I thank my Book Twin, Paola, for this reference in her review) But he has the money, knows nearly every language, can compose and oh Mara wouldn’t let me forget that he was BEAUTIFUL. I am so in love with Noah. Oh yes I am.Mara is well, she had potential and was quick-witted and isn’t exactly a typical heroine once you meet her. She can be foul-mouthed and isn’t afraid to be herself. I did find her a little frightening when she was obsessed with saving a dog she had seen earlier. However throughout the book, Mara left a bad taste in my mouth. There was just something off about her that I couldn’t like. I couldn’t stand it whenever she mentioned Noah, it was always he was ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’. I mean seriously girl, we get it. He’s handsome, cute and you really like him. She was trying to hate him and yet falling in love with him, make up your mind woman. Mara just seemed so incapable of being herself when she was around him, her thoughts were a whole jumble and assortment of things.It used to be that you wanted the perfect guy who had everything but well, imperfect has become the new perfect. Perfect is overrated, it’s not real life. The Cinderella Story doesn’t exist in reality. Noah Shaw is the perfect guy, he has money, looks, is British, has brains, talent and a multilinguist too. Though on this front, I would absolutely love him to speak fluent Mandarin to me, note that I expect a perfect accent since he’s so absolutely perfect and can do everything. Noah Shaw is insufferable, he followed Mara around like a dog and tried to get her go out with him and he just pushed himself to Mara. I am not a fan of these types of characters at all. I rather despise them because they’re trying to masquerade as a gentleman and trying to be the ‘desired’ perfect man for a woman but it is just all types of wrong. What’s wrong with having an imperfect guy? Do you know how creepy it is to be perfect?What I did enjoy out of Mara and Noah’s relationship was their banter which was full of wit, sarcasm and all around enjoyable to read about. Everything else? Nope. Can we please also talk about the whole yin & yang situation going on here? I am also not a fan of these kind of conveniences and dynamics. The whole I am the Yin to your Yang and vice versa. If it is executed well enough, I am fine with it but in this case, it was so cheesy and cringe-worthy like they wanted this to happen so badly and it seemed pretty forced.I am ashamed to even put the paranormal tag to this book because it didn’t fit the bill at all. I kept waiting and waiting for the creepy moments and they never came. The actual creepy and mysterious moments weren’t even scary at all, not a chill in my body and not a hair raised. It was so underwhelming and I think this book deserves the romance tag more than the paranormal because the romance overwhelms and overpowers the paranormal scenes. Do not read this novel expecting to be creeped out, you will be severely disappointed.The book wasn’t unbearable to read but it got really boring fast. Luckily there was something about Hodkin’s writing that helped me flip through the book quickly but I did find it highly unnecessary to be that long because it is around 400+ pages long. Unfortunately, I just didn’t like this book enough to continue on with the sequel even though I had it in my possession because that was 500+ pages long and I don’t think I could have gone through with more Mara/Noah. The ending was not near good enough to get me to read the sequel and find out more, I was quite content to stop there and leave it all up to my imagination.Verdict: If you can stand 400+ pages of mostly romance and don’t feel like rolling your eyes at everything Mara and Noah do, borrow it.---------------------------I feel so cheated since so many people told me it was creepy & mysterious but it was very underwhelming. I didn't get chills at all. This was one of the most unscary books ever. The romance was untolerable too. I will not be reading the next book, simply not worth my time to go through 500 pages of more Noah and Mara. Full review to come.