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Out of The Easy - Ruta Sepetys 4.5/5Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsDear Out of the Easy,There is a reason why I love historical fiction and that is because of the rich culture I get to experience through these books. You exemplify why I love historical fiction and I am so glad I picked you up. With such endearing characters there burst out of the pages, I fell in love with each one of them and no matter their backgrounds, there was a kind heart behind them, proving that not everything is what it seems.Josie, you stole my heart with your ambitions, personality, your bad-ass-ness and having no fear when brandishing a gun. You stuck by your values and refused to be ridden down by your mother, to live the life that you wanted and to dare to dream even when everyone around you told you to stay grounded. Your passion for books is one that I can relate to and I always love a character who can appreciate books for what they are and what they can do. You are a heroine I can easily look up to with your strong heart and your refusal to become someone who your mother was.Oh the characters, you were fantastic. Too many to name and even though the context was one that few would look in this light, there was a bright light in them that showed the best in them and their love and affection for Josie. Your colourful personalities just exploded out of the pages and there was so much in every single one of you I wish I had the proper words to explain how much I enjoyed reading about all of you.I couldn’t stop myself when I was reading you, every single time I wanted to stop at the next chapter, something else happened and you kept your hold on me, resisting me from closing you. The words were woven so well and the story-telling was executed good enough to make you keep going and refuse to stop. The culture and the scenes were fresh and new and I loved reading more about the history of the 50s in New Orleans. I liked how the rich were not glorified and put in a very realistic light and even though we know about the vices of prostitution, we begin to understand that sometimes it is a way of life to those who have no choice. If you want to live, sometimes you have to do things that no one else wishes – it is merely to survive. We could see both sides of the coin and not necessarily was one deemed the best but it all comes down to what you are willing to live with.The mystery however was not much of a mystery, it lacked the adrenaline and thrill that normal mysteries had and I felt little curiosity as to how the death was caused, it was more of Josie’s fascination with the gentleman that drew me in and her wish for a normal life with a father as well as a mother who cared for her. You disappointed me in the mystery factor but Out of The Easy, you speak much of the hard choices a person has to make and the harsh reality of life. You remind all of us to dare to dream big and that anything is possible, no matter what setbacks bring you down, you will make it through because you believe and you’re willing to work towards your dream.I will be reading Between Shades of Gray when I can and I highly recommend this book to all!