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No Sex in the City - Randa Abdel-Fattah Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received a review copy via TBD Affiliates. Thanks!No Sex in the City was just as I expected it to be – quick, sharp and witty. It takes on the perspective of women who haven’t gotten their happily ever afters yet and are still in the midst of finding someone but yet also have trouble because they have their own standards for example, religious reasons. It also embraced diversity and different cultures and religion and Esma is a MC I can imagine having dinner over, laughing and joking.Esma is sharp, witty, funny and is frustrated. She’s looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with but she doesn’t want a boyfriend – she wants a husband and he has to be Muslim and not drink alcohol too for religious reasons. It isn’t easy finding the right match and especially with her father’s debt on her shoulders and her boss sexually harassing her. But she has her 3 fantastic friends who provide the support she needs. I really liked Esma, she’s straightforward, to the point, follows her principles, is a feminist and refuses to let anyone tell her how to live her life. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for Esma when people like her boss, Danny, tell her that her standards are too high and she needs to lower them even when she repeatedly tells him not to interfere with her love life and to keep his personal life away from her.Esma shoulders a huge responsibility from her father’s debt and she has to keep it from the rest of her family. I could relate to her on this front with having such a big responsibility, it is not easy and very easy to get crushed by this emotional baggage. It was so frustrating for me to read about how Danny was treating her, he was threatening her and taking advantage of his position as her boss. I wanted to hit him on the head with a pile of feminist essays.I always appreciate books with diversity because there are not enough books that feature characters of various ethnicities and cultures but No Sex in the City provided a variety of them and it was very informative too. We got to see how culture plays a large part in some people’s lives and how precious that is to them but yet refusing to let that overcome and cloud your own decisions and overall happiness. I liked the different perspective this book provided to us, it’s not everyday you see a book with a POC character who won’t marry just anyone due to religious reasons and who was conservative.I enjoyed this book so much, it was a breeze to read through and so funny. Also you think it might be humourous throughout but it can get serious when it’s time to. The thing about adult books is that I find they’re handled with much more clarity and maturity. It’s not wish-washy with all feelings involved and everything and gets so messy. It’s straight to the point. I also absolutely loved that the woman in here were all huge advocates for women’s rights and feminists.This definitely isn’t a book I would have picked up from the bookstore if I saw it but I’m so glad I gave this book a chance when I could select it for review. It was everything I expected and more and just such a fun read.Verdict: You might want to add this to your wishlist for when you’re looking for something funny. --------------------A funny, honest book that talks about the difficulties of finding the right person. It was wonderful to get an MC who was conservative in a sense and wanted to find someone who was Muslim and was okay with going straight into a marriage and not drinking. So diverse, we have many cultures integrated into this book. I could really relate to Esma, for being so filial to her parents and keeping that secret for her family. It was a very feminist book too which is always good. Really enjoyed reading this!-- Full review to come!