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Reboot - Amy Tintera Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsReboot has an interesting premise of a dystopian world where children who die will ‘reboot’ but only if they were infected with a virus called KDH. It is because of this virus that reboots are soldiers under the HARC and are sent on assignments to capture humans who commit crimes. The different states have split up between the rico (rich) and the slums, children infected with KDH are kept isolated from the rest to prevent the spread of disease. I was intrigued by the idea of Reboots and the whole process of how HARC used them as soldiers, also how the longer the human stayed dead, the less emotion they had. However, I was disappointed by the lack of world building and the whole mechanics of how everything worked was not formed very well. Compared to other dystopian books we see nowadays, Reboot failed to make a memorable impression and live up to the hype.One aspect I didn’t enjoy was how everything was just laid out immediately about the situation but no explanation was given. I was really confused in the beginning because I had no idea how KDH linked up to the Reboots. The facts were just presented but no elaboration was given, by the time we got some explanation, it took a while to set in. The pacing was a bit off too, the middle part was just way too draggy, I didn’t feel it needed to be that long. The only part I really enjoyed was the ending and it was disappointing to have hardly any real action to do with the bigger picture in the story.Wren seemed like a promising MC but her inner conflict over whether she had emotions or not was frustrating to read about. She repeatedly says she doesn’t have emotions but she does have these emotions and cares about people, she is scared sometimes. It would have been nice for her to actually acknowledge that. It was hard to connect with a MC who refused to acknowledge her own emotions within her and just bottling it all up like they didn’t exist.The romance was just not at all convincing. I didn’t like the way Callum was described because whenever I visualised Callum in my head, he was a scrawly 12 year old with ‘big and pleading eyes’ like Bambi’s which he isn’t! He always had a worried expression on his face and he would look up at Wren with his ‘big and pleading eyes’, it was increasingly frustrating to see those same phrases being used. Wren and Callum basically just have some casual banter throughout their relationship, I didn’t see much development between them and I actually found it a little disappointing that Wren wasn’t doing all of what she did for a higher cause – but mainly for Callum. You might say it’s romantic but to me, it seemed that there were more important things going on than trying to save your boyfriend.This part is more to my personal taste but there was a bit of gore inside here. For example, if a Reboot got shot, they would have to dig out the bullet. I’m not very comfortable with gore because immediately I visualise that scene inside my head which is the last thing I want to imagine. So really, it’s something I’m not a big fan of but if it doesn’t bother you too much, it’s okay.Reboot has an interesting premise but could have had better execution and more world building, it is easily forgettable in the midst of all the dystopian books we have nowadays. With a disappointingly not-kick ass heroine and her romance with Callum, they failed to have a spark that kept me invested in their relationship and actually convince me that they were a couple. I might give the sequel a shot, just for the story but I wouldn’t be interested in purchasing it, rather borrow it from the library.--------------------------------------------An interesting premise, however not enough impact to make it a memorable one, easily forgettable amongst the many dystopia books we have nowadays. Not too fond of the two main characters and their romance wasn't all that convincing. Full review to come around April 30th at Gypsy Reviews