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Another Little Piece

Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received an eARC from HarperTeen via Edelweiss. Thank you!Another Little Piece stands true to what it promises and it was bone-chilling, creepy and hair-raising. It got me cringing and on the verge of squealing at some of the scenes and yet kept drawing me back in despite that. It’s more than just a horror novel because the characters are developed so well and despite the paranormal element, these characters are still so human and relatable. If you’re looking for a good horror novel, this is one you should definitely pick up and prepare to get seriously spooked.Annaliese is not really Annaliese, she may be inside Annaliese Rose Gordon’s body but she knows that she is not the real Annaliese. She soon discovers a dark history behind how she got here in the first place and the things she’s done to get to this point. Annaliese’s history is shrouded in mystery and is uncovered by her recurring memories that piece up her past. I found it quite hard to gauge Annaliese’s personality because she was in constant shift but she was tolerable and I liked her. There was nothing that stood out about her and that was actually a good thing because she could have potentially been much worse character-wise.The story-telling was fabulous, I loved Quinn’s way of telling the story by setting the beginning of each chapter with a poem and then each chapter was segmented into different parts with a title in front, the structuring made it easy to understand what was going on. Quinn’s writing is thought-provoking and I couldn’t stop highlighting some of the passages in the book. Quinn just knows how to invoke your emotions in those nail-biting scenes and I was in a state of shock when I read some of those scenes because they were just so frightening and creepy. Not good for people who sat on the same bus as me and saw my stricken expression haha but it definitely fulfilled my horror quota. I am not one for horror movies and books so I was uncomfortable with some of the scenes and skimmed through them but I was so glad that they were able to make me feel that way! This is real horror everyone!Everything was pieced together and connected very well, all the characters served a purpose and played a part in Annaliese’s past. Some characters really annoyed me such as Eric, Logan and Gwen but they were bearable at least because they were crucial to the plot. We do have some paranormal elements going on around here and this could potentially be spoilerish but I have to say I loved how rooted and human some of the characters were. Despite the paranormal factor, they had very human desires and were definitely not heroes and such. Their portrayal was realistic and relatable, they were not made out to be someone they were not just because of their abilities.I would have given this a full 5 star rating if not for the gore part, I know there was going to be horror elements but I didn’t expect it was going to be that kind of horror so I was unprepared and I am squeamish about this kind of stuff so I was pretty uncomfortable. But I really do recommend this if you want to read something horrifying that makes your stomach churn and raise the hair on your arm. Perfect for Halloween!Verdict: Buy it but only if you can stomach horror. -------------------------Soooo creepy, nail-biting scenes and the characters were dark and yet interesting. A really good horror novel. Full review to come!