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Orleans - Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsOrleans is gritty and honest and shows what a dystopian should look like. Nothing is easy in Orleans and there are risks to everything and you cannot trust anyone because they’re all in it for themselves. It is all about one’s survival in Orleans and nothing else matters. Orleans has set the bar pretty high for all other dystopians and I enjoyed reading it very much.Fen de la Guerre is fearless and back when she lost her parents, Fen has had to learn the hard way and join a tribe where all that matters is the tribe. Fen is quite emotionless, she is the perfect example of someone who has adapted to the harsh ways of her world and all that matters is survival, anything trivial is dismissed and not even acknowledged. I appreciated how real this was because in all honesty, if you were in Fen’s situation, nothing else would really matter except trying to survive every day. You don’t have time for romance, wishy-washy emotions and so on. However, that made it very difficult for me to connect with her because of how distant she was. I wouldn’t say Fen was gullible because she isn’t but she trusts too easily for people she knows and vary of strangers. This becomes her downfall actually, you trust no one in Orleans, they’re all in it for themselves.Daniel comes from the Outer States so he is naive and unprepared for what Orleans is. He is trying to save Orleans and find a cure for Delta Fever but his hopes and wishes don’t exactly turn out the way he had hoped. Being in Orleans, Daniel is definitely out of his element because the world is so different in Orleans. Fen is wary of Daniel when she first meets him and then decides that she can use him to help her bring the baby to the Outer States and live out a better life. I wouldn’t exactly say that the relationship gets stronger but rather Fen needs Daniel because without him, the plan cannot go on. I was relieved that there wasn’t any romance inside because it would have been highly unnecessary and unrealistic.The world building was done very well, you got a very good idea of how New Orleans came to be Orleans and the destruction the hurricanes caused. Then the aftermath of Orleans becoming an entirely separate state from the USA because of the Delta Fever and being completely abandoned. You see how the people of Orleans survive and divided into blood type, blood is gold there and few would hesitate to kill for blood. It was very easy to believe and to get a good sense of the structure they had in Orleans.The writing was definitely very hard to get into because Fen was speaking tribe and since I am a huge stickler for grammar, it is a little unnerving but I slowly got used to it. But then I was more confused by how Fen started speaking tribe less and was slowly going back to using proper English but it didn’t really make sense to me as to why she would revert back when she was alone and just with the baby. Unless her speaking tribe is merely a verbal habit but since her chapters were in the 1st person, it does seem like she has completely reverted to tribe so I really didn’t understand.The book was a little slow at some parts, I really hated how there was a very stereotypical gimmick at the beginning. I am just not fond of this stereotype in YA because what use is there introducing a character if you’re just going to cross them out. Some parts really blew me away and surprised me. I can definitely see why some people wouldn’t like Orleans because it focuses more on the whole survival part and a lot of YA dystopians now have romance and the such to make it all more interesting. But that part is actually why I really liked Orleans. If you’re looking for a great dystopian book that has no romance and great worldbuilding, you should definitely read it.Verdict: Read it!----------------------Fantastic world building but it was difficult to connect to the main character. The language was hard to get used to as well but this is a great story and believable story. Not having a romance certainly helps in that area. ---- Full review to come