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The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

The Wishing Spell - Chris Colfer, Brandon Dorman Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI was pleasantly surprised to find that this book was actually aimed at Middle Graders because it seemed so much more than I would have expected for a Middle Grade novel. I want to say I loved this book so much but really, it just exceeded my expectations.The Wishing Spell is about twins, Alex and Conner, who have recently lost their father the previous year due to a car accident. Alex is studious and loves fairytales, she's always listening attentively in class whereas her brother, Conner, keeps falling asleep. Alex and Conner grew up listening to fairytales told by their father and their lives have not been the same without him, they hardly see their mother anymore because of the shifts she's been taking at the hospital as a nurse and they had to sell their nice cosy home for a rental home. One day, on their 12th birthday, their grandma comes to visit them and gives them "The Land of Stories", a book from their childhood. But one day, they suddenly fall into the book and are thrown into the fairytale world, trying to find their way back home, the twins must find the objects necessary to make the Wishing Spell which would send them back home. Along the way, they'll meet trolls, goblins, wolves, fairies and a few familiar fairy tale characters.I really loved the twins, they were each so different but they're a great pair together, you could really feel that sense of family between them. I was also quite surprised by how matured they were and so understanding when their mum told them she couldn't be with them on their 12th birthday. They had grown up so fast in the previous year due to their father's death. I was very partial to Conner because I could relate to his humour and his thoughts, he was the more logical and realistic one and Alex was more of the daydreamer. I was a little displeased by Alex's constant wanting to try out things in the fairytale land rather than concentrating on trying to get back home. That part seemed unrealistic to me because I couldn't believe that a 12 year old would be more fascinated than terrified of the fairy tale land seeing as they had encountered a pack of huge wolves before.Other than the twins, Colfer was able to brilliantly make his characters come to life. He really brought life to the fairytale characters and made them their own identity other than the one-dimensional side we know in typical fairytales we grew up hearing about and everything was intertwined so well. He really was able to make his own mark on his own interpretation of the fairytale land. I was so glad to find out that this book could still surprise me as I got further into the story, the storytelling is fabulous and the world-building was done very well. The kingdoms are all divided very simply but it all made sense, the descriptions were very helpful in visualising the places. I was quite shocked by something that was uncovered in the book because my prediction had been totally off but I liked that part, it really gives more potential for the sequel.I'm very excited for the sequel (I think there will be a sequel since Goodreads marked it as just the first in The Land of Stories series and with the ending, there's so much more to be tapped on) and I would love to read and find out more about The Land of Stories. If you love fairytales like I do, this is a book you definitely want to check out, you'll love The Land of Stories.