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Life After Theft

Life After Theft - Aprilynne Pike I received an eARC from HarperTeen via Edelweiss. Thank you.Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsIf I had to choose one word to describe this book it would be disappointment. When I read the summary, I had expected something much more epic but this turned out to be a typical high school drama with instalove, a happy-go-lucky MC who had an easy way in life that was as flat as it could get. Even with the addition of a paranormal element, it still failed to peak my interest.We have Jeff, who has just transferred into an elite private school. Jeff whose parents got married young after finding out they were going to have Jeff have become successful and rich now and no longer have to worry about their lives. On Jeff’s first day of school, he sees Kimberlee just lying down beside the lockers and when someone nearly runs right into her, he realises they ran right through her and that she is a ghost. Jeff also meets Sera who is a pretty red-haired cheerleader who catches his attention and oh guess what? He ends up with her after hardly even knowing her at all and only wants to get with her because she’s hot. Yay for instalove!I couldn’t like Jeff, even though he had some good qualities about him, I mean he did have a good heart in all the right places but some of his choices – specifically the one with Sera was just absolutely horrible. He hardly even knew Sera and just, in all honesty, wanted to get in her pants. No, Jeff, just no. You don’t try to get with a girl because she’s hot. He saw her being nice as a ‘perk’. I have a huge issue with guys who just want to be with a girl because of physical appearances, it’s shallow and misogynist – just demeaning to women in general because it looks as women as an object, not a person and I just couldn’t with this romance because it disgusted me. What I enjoyed immensely was that Kimberlee was calling Jeff out on that, about how he barely even knows Sera and so on. Jeff’s life wasn’t interesting to me at all either, he hardly faced any struggles and everything came so conveniently easy to him. IKimberlee was a much more complex character albeit a little whiny at times, Pike nailed that part with Kimberlee well especially when chronicling her struggles about how hard it was trying not to steal. I really enjoyed the banter between Jeff and Kimberlee, it was funny and humourous and one of the best parts of the book. I did find the plot a bit anti-climatic though, the summary had made the book seem bigger than it actually was because I found it quite boring, it didn’t feel big enough or small enough to be a fun read – it was right in between and that wasn’t necessarily a good thing to me.Life After Theft wasn’t a bad read, I did enjoy some parts of it and others I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes at. I was quite bothered by the instalove and the objectification of Sera from Jeff’s POV. But the book was just disappointing overall, I find it hard to recommend this book because I can’t find any redeeming factors that makes it stand out from other contemporary books. I didn’t find that I got anything out of it apart from my inner-feminist raging madly at the romance. Unfortunately, this book is worth a skip because you’re really not missing out on much.